About Designer: 


My name is Qing Li, and I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in fashion design in 2021. My favorite fashion designer is Karl Lagerfeld. The way he experimented and played with fashion and the way he simply enjoyed it inspires me a lot. Just like him, one of my biggest fears is to be a boring fashion designer.

My fashion enlightenment came from my grandmother who is a tailor. When I was young, my grandma and I made doll clothes, bags, and crafts together. She always said that many of her works are inspired by the good times we shared together. In the same way, this beautiful inheritance continues to me and my son. In many of my designs, you can feel a child’s innocence, wild imagination, surprise, silliness, and humor…As a fashion designer, family life has always been my precious wealth and important source of inspiration.



WOW QING insists on creating lively and interesting designs from a unique perspective, telling the story behind the designs, and connecting it to your own story. You are the protagonist of this brand. Humor, fun, surprise, and romance are the soul of the brand. WOW QING is not to convey a style, but a beginning, a new trigger, and more possibilities.