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Narrative Stitches: Printed Journey of Creation Button-Down Shirt

Narrative Stitches: Printed Journey of Creation Button-Down Shirt

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Embark on a captivating narrative through fashion with our "Narrative Stitches" Printed Journey of Creation Button-Down Shirt. This loose white shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a canvas that unveils the remarkable journey of its own creation.

Adorned with intricate details, the shirt is a tribute to the artistry that goes into its making. Each sleeve boasts printed cuffs and middle lines, echoing the meticulous steps taken during production. The position of the pockets is marked with precision, mirroring the crafting process down to the last stitch. Even the hem bears the imprints of dedication, marked with the specific dimensions of upper and lower hem widths.

But this shirt is more than its design—it's a story told in fonts. Every detail is an intimate portrayal of the making, like turning the pages of a designer's notebook. The shirt's fabric, size, design timeline, and style are etched onto its surface, allowing the wearer to feel the essence of creation as they adorn it.

Indulge in a journey that transcends mere clothing, where each stitch and print becomes a chapter in a tale of dedication and innovation. Our "Narrative Stitches" Button-Down Shirt is a testament to the artistry of fashion, inviting you to wear not just a shirt, but a story—an embodiment of the designer's process and the beauty of craftsmanship.

 ✐Model is wearing size US 2 (oversize fit: US 2, true fit: US 6)

   Model Measurements: Height: 5'5. Waist 23", Bust 32", Hips 36"

✐Design Details:

  • Unisex or couple look
  • Cotton
  • Hand drawn illustrations

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